The Sartorialist


Jag känner att jag måste säga något om The Sartorialist bild, som han lade upp på mig häromdagen. Framförallt efter att ha läst några av de 20000000000000000000 kommentarer, som disikerar min look in i minsta detalj.


Här är några smakprov av det bästa och det värsta;


”I think, this photograph is the most dramatic photograph in this blog. Absolutely fantastic!!”

”high five! the most interesting picture i have seen on this site – and this is of course a site with lots of interesting pictures – for me it´s like a frozen moment of a random outdoor ballet – when the prima donna suddenly realizes that everything is transient – even my life has an end – and walks off and buys another pair of Marc Jacobs to regulate her new and intolerable insight – sweet”

”This look actually kind of makes me jealous. Not specifically of the clothes, but of the whole thing. I want to BE that girl. Just for a moment on the street.”


”Pockets hanging out of shorts? No, no, no. Shorts & coat, also no. Cute girl, terrible look.”

”Apart from the great shoes and hat, for me there is no evidence of personal sartorial style here at all – it’s pure Kate Moss. Sure, she looks good but this look is ubiquitous among skinny young things. What i am drawn by is her beautiful face and haunted eyes framed by a perfect haircut.”

”The outfit is alright but people, the bag is FAKE! So please stop calling it a Balenciaga! I think this picture should be removed. Sorry”

Måga hade också åsikter om vem jag såg ut som…

”She reminds me a blonde PJ Harvey, the great.”
”Very Julia Roberts pretty woman stylishly revamped…”
”The face is a young Demi Moore.”
”Lolita is lovely.”
”She looks very much like an alexander wang girl.”
”This is a Nylon girl.”

Några gissade rätt…

”This is Ida Pyk, she´s a model and a writer/blogger for swedish Elle.
her tshirt is by swedish designer Lovisa Burfitt, who works from Paris!
love the photo, sart!”

För att se bilden på The Sartorialist och läsa flera kommentarer klicka här.

Min Balenciaga är världens bästa Balenciaga and I love it, yes I do!